Feed the Mule (Some Motivation)

Last time I was here I ranted about how idiotic it is to compare Pavel Valerievich’s loyalty to his country and his family with love of money (lust for gold). And to use the one word that has been a sort of hockey-fan-inside-joke when describing Russian born athletes, enigmatic, whilst doing so, just makes me sick.

Well there is one player to which we could apply the inside-joke of a term to, isn’t there? I don’t mean a player trait, like Mikael Samuelsson’s aiming device, I mean a real mystery of a person. Johan Franzen. He scares me. He can score 9 goals in a playoff series in 4 games, breaking the over-60-year-old record held by Mr. Hockey for goals in a series by a Red Wing, which was 8 scored in a 7-game series. That’s just insane!

Of course, he also has dry spells. Drier than the Atacama desert. Drier than the eyes of Gary Bettman as he tells women and children their family will forego a source of income if their providers happen to be arena workers at an NHL venue.

The man just disappears. And that’s as scary to me as 9 goals in 4 playoff games is to opposing goalies, especially Avalanches’ goalies. JFC Johan, just get it together. But my fears are not going to be alleviated with this video, an excellent piece by Winging It In Motown Field Correspondent, fellow DRW Blogger, and Fantasy Hockey Isolationist, Tyler from the Triple Deke:


Funny, yes. But that Franzen bit just terrifies me. It’s like Tyler reached out and touched Johan and gave The Mule the same motivation to give 100% every shift as he has for updating his damn hilarious blog with great material.

I realize it may just be my perception of Franzen, distorted by TDT’s commentary, but the friggin’ guy still scares the hell out of me. Hope he has a great season, because his name comes up a lot in trade talks and even some in possible buy-out talks.