Pregame and Gameday Movie Poster – Duck Killer

The Wings need to get back to playing smart hockey. More and more players seem to be hurt each day which hasn't bothered me so much with the exception of Helm. That is until Franzen and Bertuzzi both went out. A lot of fans hate on both of these guys, mostly for not being god-like every night, now they get to see what life is like without the teams two top 6 big body anchors. It's not pretty, especially when your next options for size are Abby and Cleary.

Rumor is that a unnamed forward is hurt and could be out tonight. I'm not sure if said players name has been released, I just hope it's not Pav or Z.

Nyquist has been called up, but he won't start in the top 6, and I'm ok with that. I think he will give Detroit a solid third scoring line playing with Andersson and Tatar whom he has chemistry with from their time in GR.

I hope the top 6 can find some Magic between Pav and Fil, or Z and Brunner. I don't see their line mates being much help outside of maybe a few chances that they will likely flub. I see it going something like this.

"Filppula drops the puck to Datsyuk, Datsyuk drives the net and passes to a wide open Cleary! Who… Shoots it directly into Fasth's chest."

I kid, sorta…

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I'm looking for a duck killer. Fasth can't keep winning and is due for a loss. I think Z will try and pull this team on his back tonight, and the lines will get jumbled trying to find the right fit.

And on that note, a Duck Killer is what Josh provided us tonight.