Detroit Welcomes Troubled Youngsters from Phoenix

Tonight the Detroit Red Wings, in all their glory and splendor, host the dogs from the desert that boast one of the biggest stories of the offseason. For us, it has been quite the exhausting journey. Much like the neighbor kid who grows into a huge, belligerent drunk a-hole, then moves back into his mother’s basement, which would be funny if it weren’t right next door to you, and whose constant harassment and challenges were finally answered in two spirited bouts – one that was very well-matched but we managed to pull away from in the end, by a healthy margin in Game 7, and another that completely embarrassed the violently ignorant loser – the Phoenix Coyotes have gone from useless, to commissioner-owned, to feigning as a “rival” (don’t flatter yourselves, Phx), to moving out on their own. And we’ve moved out of that neighbourhood ourselves, so the world has seemed to move on.

But that wasn’t the big offseason story that involved the Coyotes and took the NHL by storm. No, it was this moment: