Detroit vs Vancouver: Start Streaking

Last night is just what we expect from the Red Wings. They may have not played solid all night, but they fought hard and didn't let up. Jimmy pulled off some incredible saves and players stepped up, notably Tatar and Kronwall. Though Cleary scored, and played arguably his best game of the season, him and Abby still don't belong in the top 6, but when the score ends up in our favor its hard to complain.

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Lashoff and White led the team in ice time, and looked great while doing so, leaving Kronwall and E52 some juice left in the batteries. Jimmy was lights out earning his 12th shutout of his career and fully deserves the night off, I'm excited to see Gustavsson get his first official start for the Wings, between him and Mrazek its the first time I haven't been afraid to see the backup play. Jimmy will get the start tonight. Gustavsson agrivated his groin once again, and McCollum has been recalled to back him up. I am terrified at the thought of our backup having to play.  

How about Tatar? He sure looks like he belongs here, maybe Kenny and Babs will get the message.

Vancouver is 10-3-4 so far and not letting up. Luongo is playing himself off the trade block for now. He's 5-0-3, with a 1.45 GAA, .941 SV%, and 2 shutouts.

I know last nights 4-0 win makes us feel all warm inside, but don't get too excited, Detroit is still 9th in the west. If they can pull another one out tonight they can leap up to 5th.

I expect the same line combos and D pairings for tonight's game, with Mursak gone, and Quincey hurt there isn't anyone to scratch. Something I would like to see, and I'm sure you all would too is for Filppula and Zetterberg to shoot the puck, they have been acting like 5 year olds who don't want to catch cooties.