Detroit vs Minnesota: Time to get Started

It's easy to get frustrated when your team can't score, cant convert on the power play, cant kill penalties and leaves your goalie out to dry like their defense consists of Brett Lebda and 5 of his cousins.

This team is good, and yes the defense isn't what it used to be, but that will change. Three games gone on an already depleted schedule. 45 games left to change everyone's opinion.

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It's time to show Minnesota that Ryan Suter and Zach Parise mean nothing. They are still the same team that will get their fanbase feeling all warm and cozy, only to come up short. Way short.

Babs said that Datsyuk and Zetterberg didn't work, so he's splitting them up. I thought he figured that out last season, and the season before that, and the season before that, and probably a few more times in between, I've lost count. Its not that they don't have chemistry. In fact the Pav, Z, Brunner line was the only one that seemed to produce any offense so far, but you cant have success when your 2nd line has a guy that won't shoot, another that cant shoot, and one that just glides around like he's looking for a place to take a nap.

So here it goes. Bert, Pav and Filppula followed up by Brunner, Z and Mule. Makes a whole lot more sense right? RIGHT?!? Size and skill followed by skill and lazy-size.

BRIGHT SPOT! Helm is back! Never has a 3rd liner made your entire lineup make more sense. Lets face it, Helm is the backbone of this team. He may not have top 6 scoring ability, but he sure does have heart. Lots of it. Not to mention he drastically improves the penalty kill. Now Abby can go back to centering the 4th where he can stink things up with Tootoo (in a good way), bumping Emmerton to the pressbox. Oh yeah, Bert is back too as you may have already noticed from above. Turns out he didn't have mono, mono tried its best, but Bert murdered it.

Kindl is back too…

All this team has to do now is score, kill penalties, convert on the power play, keep the puck out of their net and stop getting injured.


It may seem like I have given up on this team at times over the last week, but I haven't. I'm just the victim of caring too much. I think that over the next few games we will all see things start to take shape. look at the bright side, Lashoff has done well, Brunner looks like the real deal, Smith is just starting what we all hope is a long tenure on the blue line, and Kent Huskins was solid even though he didn't know the system or half of his teammates names.

Harding isn't going to do us any favors, but we cant hide behind the old "their goalie is a Wing killer" excuse.

Ryan Suter is a team worst -3 along with his defense partner Jared Spurgen whoever that is. So there's that.

Its time to rally behind them and show support.