Detroit vs Colorado Pregame: And Other Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

Tonight at 7:30 on FSD. Be there.

What's there to say that hasn't already been said at this point. The Wings will roll with the same lineup as the last few games, and whether you think Babs is crazy, stubborn, looking for a new job, or has a plan is all irrelevant. Why? Because he's the coach and your not, that's why. So I won't give you my opinion as to why Datsyuk says Dat-sucks each time he lines up with 11 & 8, or why White is scratched over Kindl, or why Tatar and Andersson can't crack the top 6. My opinion doesn't matter.

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Colorado isn't very good, but Detroit will have to figure out a way to grind out 2 points tonight to stay somewhere between 4th and 10th in the west.

Filppula is still out and even with his lack of production when he is playing has reportedly asked for somewhere in the $4.5M range to continue his "this could be his year" potential as a Red Wing. I find it hard to believe that KH would reward him with that amount with the cap going down, and raises to be handed out along with trying to keep Brunner. I'm not a GM, as much as I like to pretend so brace yourself for Fil getting a Quncey size deal along with Cleary getting a 2-year extension.

I love this team, and will continue to do so whatever happens. We don't know what will happen come April 3rd, but I'd imagine that getting players back from IR will be our trade deadline moves. And if you don't like it, oh well.

I fully expect them to pull out a win tonight while going with a roster that Babs "likes"