Datsyuk Signs for 3 More Years

The question of whether or not Pavel Datsyuk would head to Russia after playing the final year of his contract has been answered by Pavel himself. Pav will be in Detroit for another 4 years after signing a 3 year extension. Well, that's not true. He can't officially sign until July 5, but he has agreed with the terms of an extension and that's good enough for now.

According to Gary Greenstin, Pav's agent, the deal is worth $23 million. Cap hit is $7.5 million. A bargain, if you ask me. That money was either going to Pavel Datsyuk or it was going to sit around unspent.

What are your thoughts on this news? For me this is up there with the summer of 2001. Painful playoff loss, then unexpected great news in the offseason.