Datsyuk Being Datsyuk

Puck Daddy seems to be a love/hate relationship with Wings fans.  But we can agree, the best thing about Puck Daddy is the awesome Pavel interviews they get and the one today is no exception.  Here's a few highlights showing our favorite Russian at this best: 

Henrik Zetterberg was named team captain this season. How did he transition to being the captain?

“How? He cut out the letter “C” and stitched it on to his jersey, that’s how.

Did you hear about a comment one Canadian expert made that Datsyuk may not be naturally gifted, but is a hard worker?

“Of course I did. And I share that opinion. The more I work and practice, the more talented I get.”

What’s your favorite hockey trick?

To score a goal.  No. To give an assist.

Tell us how does iPhone Siri knows you are the Magic Man?

“How? Well, I picked up the phone and called Apple. I said ‘Let’s do this! It will be a great project! And it turned out to be great, everyone is happy. It was easy. You just need to have the right connections!”

More Datsyukian quotes in the full article here.  Worth your time.