Coyotes vs Red Wings Recap: 10.10.13

Wings faced an angry Coyotes team tonight and fell 4-2. Faceoffs. That’s really what it came down to. Detroit couldn’t setup because they didn’t start with the puck enough and Phoenix was able to carry the play because they kept winning faceoffs.

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 A lot of people are down on the powerplay right now, but I’m going to be patient with it, for now. Even though it was terrible tonight, they haven’t had many chances so far this year. They’re not getting enough game-time rhythm. It’ll come and when it does, I expect this powerplay to be deadly.

Pavel has been slick and skating well most of the time the first four games, but I think he’s making too many passes out there. I’d like to see him shoot more, especially in the slot. Stop dishing it off to players with less skill at a worse angle, please.

This team doesn’t score enough goals. “Tie goes to the veteran.” And the loss goes to the team that doesn’t score. Stop benching guys with scoring touch, genius.

Things to Continue: Disciplined hockey usually pays off, but tonight both teams played relatively clean, so it didn’t matter. Still, keep yourselves out of the box and good things will happen.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: Stop losing faceoffs. It looked like the linesman was dropping the puck as our centers were resetting after a false start. Phoenix caught on early and Detroit never did.

Next game is Saturday against the Flyers. They suck, so maybe we’ll get more than 2 goals.