Columbus Again – Gameday Movie Poster and Live Blog

Ready to have your mind blown?  

Today is Jordin Tootoo's birthday.  What's today?  2/2…

Happy birthday to the underutilized Wing.

Also mind blowing?  How the NHL scoring leaders are apparently powered by ugly these days: 

On another mind blowing note, more than 10% of the Wings games are against Columbus this year.  In fact, 18 of the 48 games are against Central division opponents, 38% of the total.  Four teams out of 29.   Wow Gary.  Thanks.

So we have Gary and Don to thank for the fact that we're playing our littlest brother again despite only playing 8 games thus far.  And in honor of that, our resident Photoshop Master, Josh Howard, whipped out this little ditty for tonight's game. 

Hit the jump for the poster and more on the lineups for the night:

Looks like the Wings are going with the same line-up as last night, but if Zetterberg plays like he did, it wouldn't matter if he lined up next to John Kerry and the corpse of Ronald Reagan, C-Bus doesn't stand a chance.  

Columbus will be going with the swiss cheese inventor, Steve Mason, in net tonight.  In the stands, Detroit is going with me.  I'll be there and hope Detroit continues their effort from last night.