Change It Up – Put White or Colaiacovo In

What do you think about this?  From Drew "I Hate the Fans" Sharp

Coach Mike Babcock is contemplating lineup changes for Game 6, perhaps opting for a little more veteran experience on the blue line. There have been more than a few occasions in this series where their green defensemen — Brendan Smith, Brian Lashoff and Jakub Kindl — have handled the puck in their own end as if it were radioactive.

But could adding Ian White or Carlo Colaiacovo into the lineup really provide that dramatic of an improvement?

You’ve gone this far. Don’t stop now. Let the kids learn from their mistakes, even if it ultimately contributes to another early playoff exit.

I haven't said much about it, but I'm not convinced that Lashoff is really doing anything positive back there the blueline. Provided he hasn't already thrown his skates away, I'd like to see White in there.  He wasn't playing great at first, but I certainly thought he was a top six guy overall.  I figured he must have slept with Babcock's wife or something in there, because he's been stuck in the doghouse since March.  


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I'd even be ok with Cola in there – his breakout passes would be great to have.   Sure he's a wet noodle defensively, but as a whole we've been porous.  Wouldn't make much of a difference. 

Still, anyway you put it, I think Lashoff was a great stop-gap guy this season, but he's not a serious top six guy yet in his career.  Make the team better, make the move Babbles.