Buyouts Buyouts Buyouts! Come and Get ‘Em

The draft and free agency are just days away, and with the cap coming down mixed in with teams being able to buyout as many as 2 players starting today things are heating up quick.

News broke about an hour ago that the Lightning will buy out former 1st overall pick and captain Vinny Lecavalier. His numbers have dipped in the last few year mostly due to injury, but the knock on him wasn't his ability, it was his contract (11 years, $85M).

He may not be the Rocket Richard trophy winner from years past, but at 33 he still has plenty left in the tank. He could very well return to form in the goal column playing in the Wings system where they don't have a Stamkos for a primary scorer.

With Filppula almost surely out the door the Wings have a need in the 2 hole. Adding Lecavalier would be an upgrade over Fil while giving the Wings plenty of options to mix and match their top lines.

He wouldn't come cheap, but I'd rather spend around $5M on a 6'4 former 50 goal scorer than see them try and bring Filppula back to underperforming on a bigger deal. The Wings have the cash to make it happen, especially if/when they buyout Sammy and either trade/buyout Colaiacavo.

They wanted a big scoring forward, and now one is available. Are they interested? I would have to think so, but in all likelihood someone will pay closer to $6M. There is always hope that he could take a discount to play for his favorite team as a kid who just happens to be moving east this fall, and no. I'm not talking about the Blue Jackets.

Make it happen Kenny.