BREAKING! – Babcock Actually Says Something Nice About Tatar!

Despite the fact that Detroit was KO'ed in the goal scoring department last night, I thought "The People's Choice", Tomas Tatar, had a great game.  So naturally I figured he'd sit next game, as is the Red Wings way,   So I was stunned, stunned I tell you, to read Babcock's comments about the young kid after the game:

“I thought he was really good,” coach Mike Babcock said after the 1-0 shoot-out loss. “He was effective for us, he was on the puck, he was strong on the puck, he played way quicker than he did his last time. I thought he was effective.”

My reaction, as only Family Guy can say it…


Hit the jump for a dream line:

I actually thought Tats outplayed the other two guys on his line (Weiss and Charlie Buckets). God, I'd love to see him, Helm, and Nyquist together.   The speed would blow my mind. 

Well that dream probably won't happen any time soon due to salary cap reasons (thanks Sammy…you bastard) but at least it sounds like he'll probably get to play another game soon.  Per St. James:

Tatar worked hard against the Sharks and should earn another appearance in the next game.