Blue Jackets vs Red Wings Recap: 10.15.13

Wings certainly looked like they were on the tail-end of 3 in 4, but pulled off a 2-1 win over the Blue Jackets thanks mostly to the solid goaltending of… Jonas Gustavsson. He was awesome tonight, though I never really felt comfortable with him in net. Unconventional and gave up lots of rebounds, but they were harmless tonight and that’s what matters.

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I like the power play. Both goals were scored with the man advantage, though Alfredsson’s goal was technically 5 on 5, the guy stepped on the ice just in time for a minus.

Speaking of Alfie, welcome to the Wings. He’s producing points at a steady rate now. A lot of people predicted or feared a Modano repeat, but so far he has still been a star. Nice hit prior to the goal, too.

PK was good, despite the goal against. They just got beat by a great individual effort by Atkinson. Any relation to the dead diet guy? Anyways, yeah, the PK. In years past they’ve had a hard time clearing the puck and that has led to a lot of the goals against. This year they’re clearing it better.

Tootoo was a wrecking ball out there tonight. Some think that the Wings could be playing him more to show teams what he can do when time comes to make room for guys coming off injury. Speaking of guys coming off injury…


That should be 43 exclamation points.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Monster. Awkward, but got the job done. It would be great to have a useful backup this year.

Second Star: Zetterberg. I still think Bert missed the second goal and it should go to Hank, but we’ll see. Either way, 2 points. Terrific start for Z this year.

Third Star: I’ll give it to Alfie for his goal and hit leading up to the goal.

Honorable Mentions: Pav, obviously. Bert for playing after the dirty slew-foot.

Things to Keep Doing: Scoring while up a man. Killing penalties. Winning games with the backup goalie.

Things to Stop Doing Forever: #FreeTatar

Next game is Thursday against Colorado. They’ve been winning now that they have their lunatic wife-beater back in town. Should be a good game.