Awesome Wings Shirt Alert – Legend of the Octopus

I love cool Wings apperal.  Not just a big Winged Wheel, but cool stuff that flys under the radar a bit.   However, for some reason most appeal makers just crap the bed when it comes to being able to do it well, so I get excited when someone pulls it off.  This shirt is one of my favorites and is on sale this weekend.

Legend Of The Octopus

It is one of thoes shirts that is very comfy and soft.  I'm usually a medium, but I get a large in this, so runs a bit small. 

I promise you I get nothing from this, we have no connection to Homage or anything of the sort.  I just like the shirt and saw it was on sale.  

If you ever see any cool Wings appeal, shoot us an email at and we'll post it if we think it's awesome as well.