Avalanche vs Red Wings Recap: 4.1.2013

You never want the 3-0 goal to be the GWG, but that's what happened to the Wings tonight. Still, good to be on the winning side of a clusterfrack than on the losing end. Tonight's recap will be a mixed bag of praise for some and scorn for others.

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You ever notice that I almost never mention the score in the recap? How amateurish can I be? 3-2, Wings in case you honestly didn’t know.

Detroit has played some disciplined hockey lately. They’ve only been called for two penalties the last three games. Hopefully they can keep that up, but I suspect the refs will change their minds on what is and isn’t a penalty any minute now.

Speaking of which, the first Colorado goal sucked, but if Colaiacovo doesn’t jump into that pile, the goal might be waved off. Probably wouldn’t have been, though.

Speaking of Colaiacovo, congrats on surviving an entire game, buddy!

Brunner finally scored. I knew he’d be happy to score again, but I didn’t expect him to act like Nyquist was his long-lost son returning home from the war. Brunner is awesome. Seeing that hug, I swore I had seen it before. After some thought, I remembered. Yup…

Smith and Kindl had a terrible time trying to clear the zone tonight. So many turnovers. I think Smith is a talented hockey player with great hands and speed, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s got a little too much time and space between the ears. Hopefully this is just a bad slump and he’ll fix himself soon.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Howard. Once again, The Wings don’t win without stellar goaltending by Howard. At this point I don’t care if they pay him 6 million a year. Would you rather pay a goalie 6 million to make the playoffs or go cheap and golf in April?

Second Star: Franzen. He was sort of slow, but so was everyone else (everyone but Pav). It’s not much, but it made the difference.

Third Star: Jordin Tootoo. No points, but he single-handedly woke up the crowd and the team. He was throwing his small frame at all the unfriendly targets tonight and it made me glad he’s ours. The Wings will need another guy like that if they want to succeed in the east.

Honorable mention: Datsyuk. Had to mention some of his takeaways. Like Micky says, how long is this guy going to keep doing things we don’t expect? (something like that). He’s amazing.

Next game is Thursday night in Phoenix. Will the team look any different after Wednesday?