All Coming Together

Not a whole lot of new news to report this morning.

But we're gearing up for this short season that could start next week.  We could be watching Red Wings hockey in 7 days.  I know this has been painful.  I know that it has been frustrating.  But let's put our fan hats (made of tin foil) back on and think about not what we've lost…but what we are NOT losing.

1. We are not losing another year of Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg's career.

2. The chance to have a furious few days of talking about who is going to wear the "C" next week.

That's just a couple of things…I'm sure there is much more (feel free to chime in).  Imagine what we all would have been going through if King Lidas had indeed decided to come back this year, only to go through a work stoppage.

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As for the deal that was FINALLY hammered out.  Here are a couple of the details according to

  • The deal spans 10 years with an out option for either side after eight years
  • There will be a seven-year limit on new player contracts (extended to eight for players re-signing with their own team)
  • There will be a Salary Cap of $64.3 for the 2013-14 season with the floor resting at $44 million
  • The 2013 season Cap will reportedly be at $70.2 million. To be able to meet the reduced cap number in 2013-14, each team will be allowed the option of two compliance buyouts before the start of that season

…so countdown to our next work stoppage in 2021?

Ah who cares?  LET'S GO RED WINGS!

Who's our next captain?