3.16.13 – The Legend Ends

It worked last night (eventually)…why not tonight?

Maddening… there's been chaos in this team.  They are struggling every game… laboring for a simply two points.  You can be sure, there will be changes tonight.  They won't be what you expect or what you want.  That isn't how this coach operates.  When does he ever appease the fanbase?  NEVER.  DETROIT…HE IS YOUR RECKONING.  Rise, see your team for what it is.  It is only then that you can move forward.  For, it is you that are enslaved by your expectations.  Release yourself, and maybe… just maybe… you'll see a different team on the ice tonight and a dark coach will rise. – Josh Howard, Head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department

Ginger Nut?  Pseudo Poet?  Bring 'em on.

Make the jump for the goods.

Despite his tarnished reputation after the events of the first half of the season, in which he took the rap for Detroit's crimes, Babcock feels compelled to intervene to assist the city and its hockey team which is struggling to cope with Bettman's plans to destroy the city.

 Kessler's clothing sucks.