3.15.13 – Why So Serious?

I hope you folks are ready for this poster…it instantly became one of my favorites.

Here's a few words from the Head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department – Mr. Josh Howard himself:

Ken Holland…. He thinks you've forgotten about his diabolical genius.  It's time you realize it can't be fully understood.  Sometimes things needs to be torn down, ripped apart, or set ablaze to become what they were always meant to be.  The Wings are no exception.  These trying times of adversity are just what needs to happen.  Does it suck from a fan standpoint?  Absolutely.  Holland isn't perfect.  Let's hope this movie ends better than a pile of Ilitch's money lit ablaze and Batsyuk being attacked by a Justin Abdelkader wielding, two faced Mike Babcock.  Darkness must fall on Gotham for a hero to truly rise.  Hate Holland if you want, but it's all part of a master plan.  Whether it works or not will be judged years from now.

It's your Gameday Movie Poster for tonight's game against the Oilers.  Make the jump for the goods.

Out of the darkness…comes the Dark Manager:

Time to get a friggin' 'W'.