YouTribute to Nick

I’m not ready to start the “what’s to happen next” chat just yet…for me, the grief is still too near.

So let’s keep rolling with Nicklas Appreciation with a little tribute with some gems that I found on the old YouTube.

Please feel free to post your own favorites in the comment section…after 20 years of supreme excellence, there’s too many highights to count.

Make the jump for the vids…

October 17th, 1991 – Detroit and the rest of the NHL got a glimpse of what was to become one of the most accurate slap shots the game has ever seen…

…Lidstrom wouldn’t overpower you with his slapper – but he could thread a needle with that puck.

It wouldn’t be a true tribute to King Lidas if we simply concentrated on the offensive side of the puck.  As far as defensive positioning and hockey IQ – there was none better…EVER.  Sure, Bobby Orr could put the puck in the net…but look at the smarts on Nick in this little tidbit against the Blues…

…that’s one shift.  We were lucky enough to see this kind of excellence of execution for nearly 30 minutes of every single game when #5 was on the ice.  Not flashy…just effective.

But back to the shot.  Lidstrom had the ability to destroy goaltenders’ careers…from center ice, no less…AND in the play-offs…

…brings a tear to your eye doesn’t?  For a whole bunch of different reasons.

Did I mention he could play defense better than anyone to ever play the game?

That last clip was only one season ago…sad face.

How about a Hat Trick?

And we’ll start winding down this little post with a video that helps wrap it all up for Nick…the salute he got for point number 1,000 back in 2009 – a game I was lucky enough to be in attendance for…

…the crowd was being louder than it seemed.

But FINALLY, I’m going to end this with MY personal favorite Nick Lidstrom moment (a virtual tie with the time he almost killed Chris Pronger)…

…I was there…about the 8th row right behind Hiller.  Pandemonium.

What’s your favorite moment?  Can you find the clip?  Now is the time to keep reflecting on what a gift from the hockey god’s that we had.  And that gift kept giving for 20 years.