Words of Advice from that Other Sport



Hello again! The offseason, the lack of free agent pick-ups, the crowds with pitch-forks and torches calling for Holland’s head, and of course, the (extremely high) potential for lockout has me very bored this season. But every once in a while you come across a blog or an article with a real gem in it.

I got this one from a tweet by the intelligible and great hockey intellect Joe Yerdon of Pro Hockey Talk (follow him a @JoeYerdonPHT you won’t regret it). It involves Basketball, as a conscious, sentient being, reaching out to Hockey and giving advice.

                “You remind me of myself at this time last year. You are about to go through a change. You will continue to thrive in local rinks, overseas and even at the semi-professional level. However, your best players will not be playing for a while. There will be angst.”


Full article here

What fun! Don’t know if there are any casual basketball fans that visit this site but I feel like it transcends that basketball-hockey barrier that is about as friendly and welcome as the 38th parallel. Not many fans of both sports out there, but you really don’t need to be to appreciate this write up.

As the lockout looms, many of us turn to humour to save us from the frustrations that lead us to say things like “I will stop watching” or “I will boycott” or any other such silly nonsense that won’t have any impact at all.