Wings Land Euro-Star

Well this is a pretty cool story.  Damien Brunner, a sought after undrafted free-agent from Europe (no, not Brunnstrum or Lieno) is apparently going to sign with the Wings, provided that everything can be figured out regarding his contract. 

The Detroit Red Wings appear to have reeled in Damien Brunner, a sought-after European unrestricted free agent.

Swiss media is reporting Brunner will sign with the Wings, though he cannot officially do so until July 1.

The Wings like Brunner and were one of many NHL teams – including Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Washington, Montreal and Philadelphia – who wooed him.

“Mike Babcock and I saw him play at the World Champions, and we liked what we saw,” Holland said. “He’s very talented.”

Hit the jump for more on this kid, including video and some impressive stats. 

He’s the leading scorer in the Swiss league, with 60 points in 45 games.  This is a low scoring league, so this is a pretty substantial amount.  In addition, he played for the Swiss team in the world championships (against NHL competition) and not only lead the team, but scored 7 points in 7 games.  That’s equal to Corey Perry in less games.  Eat that Perry.   Other NHL players on the Swiss team include Nino Niederreiter, a highly ranked prospect for NYI, who didn’t score a point.   Also impressive is that he finished the games at a +2, on a team that was mostly in the minus.  

Elite Prospects describes Damien as:

A slick offensive forward who can shoot as well as pass the puck. Has great wheels and hands. Plays a gritty game. (EP)

That pretty much covers the gambit doesn’t it?  Might as well have said “not only can he shoot, pass and skate, but he holds the door for the ladies, all while being better looking than you.”   Well, turns out, from watching a little highlight video, it might be right.

I’ve also read that’s he’s a Hudler with wheels and hands.  While it’s no Parise, it’s a good start for what’s setting up to be a great summer. 

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