Wings In Seven

I still believe.

Now that we’ve had our fun in Twig’s recap/bitchfest, I need to say, at least for a few days, STFU.

Because I still believe.

Nashville sucks.  I’ve seen nothing from Nashville that makes me impressed with them as a team. This isn’t a Stanley Cup contender that we’re losing to.  This is a solid, if unimpressive team with two star players, one of which in particular is killing us.

But, as one reader said in the bitchfest, the only team that can beat Detroit is: Detroit.   It’s Detroit that isn’t roofing the puck when we have an open net.  It’s Detroit that isn’t bearing down on loose pucks.  It’s Detroit that isn’t making life complete hell for Rinne.  And it’s Detroit that is making almost career ending mistakes.

This team is great.  They just have to remember that.  And we can’t forget that.  Stop looking to next year, this season isn’t over.

I believe.  Wings in 7.  LGRW.

Nannerpuss for luck.

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