Wings Fans Can Cross Nash Off The List

Cross another one off the list, even though it probably was only a pipe-dream.    

The Red Wings made “a hell of an offer” to Columbus for Nash, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. But the offer generated no conversation.

No counteroffer, no back and forth negotiation, nothing.

It is clear Columbus has no intention of trading the face of its franchise to the team it considers to be its top rival, a Detroit club that has dominated the Blue Jackets since they entered the NHL in 2000-01.

Now I know this isn’t a surpise to anyone, but this sort of thinking never made sense to me.  Looking at it from Howson’s side, if you have two offers that are identical and one is from a hated rival, then yes, you probably should pick the other.   But if you are trying to get the best team possible, you ignore those feelings and you make the best deal for your team.   If the trade makes sense, it makes sense.   Look at Detroit and Chelios.   You can’t lead with your gut.  

Now at the same time, this makes me wonder why Kenny hasn’t made a similar pitch to the Ducks for Bobby Ryan, a player I’d almost prefer and couldn’t be a better fit for Detroit.  Get on the phone Kenny.  Something has to happen.  Anything, just for the fact that I want this next year to be interesting, not painfully boring. 

Another idea would just be to annex Columbus.  Just a thought.