Wings End Of Season Awards Banquet

Ok, so playoffs start tomorrow.  But before we get to that, I thought we’d do something like what Peewee teams do, have an awards banquet for the team.   

So we here at NOHS have each nominated a player for the following catagories and you get to choose between the nominations. Here we go: 

Most Underrated Player:

  • Dan Cleary: I can’t remember even seeing him on the ice all year yet he scored 12 and assisted on 21. That’s the bottom 6 production we need.
  • Johnny Ericsson: I will prepare for my lashing… but Ericsson has been one of the most underrated players of the year.  My lord did the PK tank while he was hurt.  He’s learned to block shots, use his reach, and uses that big body of his to get the puck and make good passes.
  • Nick Kronwall: Whilst everyone in the media seems to tout Matt Cooke’s amazing transition from curb-stomping pugilist to kitten-saving sweetheart, Kronwall has effectively learned how to still be an effective and feared hitter and done it legally.  Kronner has also stepped up and was 5th in the team in goals this season.
  • Todd Bertuzzi: Sure, he wasn’t a dominate force all year, but he was always there when we needed him.  Most of all, he was a force in the shootouts, with 4 game winning goals.  And don’t forget he finished a plus 23, #1 on the team (whoooaaa…).

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Best Goal:

  • Holmstrom against Columbus 11/30/11
  • Datsyuk against Nashville 2/17/12

  • Hudler against Dallas 1/18/12

Most Improved:

  • Jiri Hudler: It really shows that he worked on his stride and skating ability in the off season.  I’m not worried about him going to the corner anymore.  He skates much better without the puck and seems to find the right spot on the ice.  Dude can shoot and score and he’s improved his passing and general defense by leaps and bounds.
  • Drew Miller: The guy has gone from a very good penalty killer to a very good hockey player seemingly before our eyes.  He’s one of the best bargains out there. Guy plays great defensive zone hockey and can drive the net and get the puck in for big goals.
  • Val Filppula: Flip exploded this season on the wing. I think we have a hybrid Datsyuk/Zetterberg on our hands


Hustle Award:

  • Darren Helm: Took an injury to get him to take a shift off.  Consistently the hardest worker on the ice.
  • Brad Stuart: Stu is getting bashed and busted with elbows and slashes and never complains, and even seems to be a competent backup goalie with his knack for saving pucks that get past our netminders. 
  • Tomas Holmstrom: At his age and the beating he’s taken over the years I’m amazed he can still walk let alone continue to be the best net front guy in the game.
  • Henrik Zetterberg:    Doesn’t matter how much we’re down by… he’s going at it.


Team MVP:

  • Jimmy Howard: I want to say Pavel Datsyuk, but honestly… Jimmy’s really been what has kept us in games.  He’s on the ice for all 60 minutes.   As lame as 5th place is, without Howard’s play all year, Wings don’t make the playoffs at all.
  • Henrik Zetterberg. The guy never stops competing. He may have slumped in production in the first half of the season but he was consistently the best player on the ice.
  • Pavel Datsyuk: He might be the best player in the NHL, not much else to say.
  • Nick Lidstrom: I would have picked Pavel until I saw what this team looked like without the Captain.  He’s the rock of this team and the glue behind the blueline.  With him, this is the big Red Machine.  Without him, it’s just a bunch of good hockey players.

Your thoughts in the comments. LGRW.