Wings Are Ranked Numero Uno

No reason for this, but what a cool photo.

All year long, Detroit’s been hanging out in the top 10 or so of everyone’s power rankings, but never hit #1.  This is, of course, despite the fact that they’ve been near the top of the league nearly all season.

Well, finally, things have changed and the Wings’ dominance has been recognized by the general media.  Let’s start with the rankings, which I’ve always thought were strangly biased to the East…


1.  Detroit Red Wings  (Last Week: 2)
Would the Red Wings like to win a bit more frequently on the road? Sure. But if they finish with the most points in the NHL, they don’t have to win any games on the road in the playoffs.

So #1 to start off with.  Good deal.  I’m not entirely sure how they can be focusing on the road record right now, as the Wings have the third best winning percentage in the West on the road, but I like their point otherwise. 

Now hit the jump to see where the Wings faired in other rankings:


1.  Detroit Red Wings  (Last Week: 2)

OK, 23 straight wins at home gets you the top spot. Sunday’s 3-2 win over San Jose might mean the last we see of Joey MacDonald for a while, as Jimmy Howard looks like he’ll be ready to go this week. Still, kudos to MacDonald, who was a huge part of keeping the home streak alive.

I gotta ask, again, why doesn’t the most points in the league get you the best spot previously?  Still, I can’t complain.   I do think we’ll be seeing more of Joey though until the playoffs, keep Howard rested.

Now let’s see if we can go three for three on

2. Detroit Red Wings (Last Week: 2)

As good as Evgeni Malkin has been this season, he’s not even close to being the best all-around player in the sport. Pavel Datsyuk amazes us with his wizardry in all 200 feet of the ice every single night.

Well, this writer is from Arizona, so we can give him a stupid pass on this one.  Plus, you gotta love the unprovoked shot at Malkin.    In case you were wondering, he had the Wings behind the Rangers, which, overall, is acceptable.

Finally, let’s finish up with

1.  Detroit Red Wings  (Last Week: 1)

Pavel Datsyuk has always been one of the most exciting, talented players in the NHL, but the goal he scored Friday night to extend Detroit’s home winning streak was simply amazing. Not only his move around one of the best defenseman in the NHL (Ryan Suter), but also the incredible passing of Henrik Zetterberg and Nicklas Lidstrom

Can’t argue with a thing in that one, they’ve even had the Wings at number one for a while now.   Maybe CBS should be showing some games, they know their stuff!

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