Who Really Suffers?

The Lockout is upon us and with little to no say in the matter we all just have to sit back and wait. What are the real life implications of an NHL lockout? Yeah we don't get to watch our favorite team play but who really cares? There is absolutely nothing we can do about that other than complain.

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Now we all know that the Owners want a bigger share of the pie and we know that the players are reluctant to give up what they feel belongs to them. Good for them…

What about the fine people that work very hard selling you beer, hot dogs, or those nifty foam fingers? These guys rely on their small to average paychecks to support their families and pay their bills. Do you think they care if the owners shares get bumped up a few percent, or if players multi-million dollar salaries get rolled back?

I can tell you first hand that the owners and players arent the ones that suffer from a lockout. See, I work in television, and a chuck of my yearly income depends on whether or not the season starts. I saw a good chunk of money disappear last year when the NBA locked out, and I will have to do the same this year when the doors shut on the NHL.

I wont starve, but I will have to budget my money much more closely and make cut to things like vacations, dates with my wife, and little things that I planned on doing with my son.

The owners wont have to downsize their mansion, and players wont have to tell their kids that they cant have that expensive new toy they had their hearts set on.

So I ask you NHL & NHLPA is your cut of the billions of dollars you all collectively make really that important when Johnny Shoelace gets cut back to circus duty at the Joe this winter?