We’re Underdogs! (Or Screw ESPN)

So perusing the internet this morning, I decided to check out some “expert” picks on our series.  For whatever reason I ended up on ESPN.com and saw this: 

Notice anything similar between every one of those picks?  Yeah, according to every one of the experts, Detroit’s season is going to be over in seven straight games.  

We’re underdogs boys and girls, and I love that.  

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It’s not just ESPN.  For example, the Bleacher Report has us losing in seven as well. 

This will be a battle, but I think Nashville is set to win its first playoff series against Detroit. Look for it to take this matchup in seven.

Moving to Hockeywriters.com, we finally get someone who believes in Detroit.  

What this series will probably come down to is experience, which the Red Wings are loaded on.

Finally, Greg over at Puck Daddy has his initial thoughts out there and he picks the Wings as well:

The narrative for this series has already been written. The Red Wings are old and busted; the Predators are new hotness. The Red Wings are been there/done that; the Predators broke their maiden last postseason and have been loaded up for a conference title run. Lidstrom/Babcock/Howard out; Weber/Trotz/Rinne in. And so forth. I’m not entirely convinced I’m buying that line, but it’s going to take a few days to really suss out this series. Leaning: Red Wings.

It’s still early, so only a few sites have these predictions up.  But I really just wanted to get that ESPN pick up there, because that’s rediculous.  Bertuzzi is not pleased.  

Credit supermegafauna.