We’re Better Than You

Morning, gang.

Crazy week of [real] work for yours truly, so I’m going to have to keep these sporadic posts short and sweet. 

Just like the old days, eh?


It’s just like the old days in that Detroit ends up winning the game and the music guy giving the Blues a little jab by playing some Elton John.  I can’t really recap the game any better than Twig did last night, but I can tell you a short story about when I walked into the locker room last night in downtown Chicago…

Chicago Fan Teammate: “Did the Red Wings win tonight?”
Me: “Did they play tonight?”
Chicago Fan Teammate: “Yes.”
Me: “Then yes, they won.”

I actually have some stuff to talk about, so make the jump.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but check out the Central Division:

Fourth place in the Division would be at least tied or better for the lead in any of the other divisions.  That is insane.  And the Red Wings got me that third wonderful insurance point over the Bitter Blues…so even if they win that game in-hand…we’re still better than them.  Last night was one of those wonderful moments when Detroit smacks an upstart team in the mouth and tells them to go get their shine box.

You’ve got a long ways to go yet, Bitter Blues.

And I just wanted to note that the Florida Panthers…the SOUTHEAST DIVISION LEADER Florida Panthers have a total of 54 points…just enough to take 8th place if they were in the Western Conference.

So to reiterate…we’re better than you.  I can say that about every team in the NHL.

Let me leave you with this question – do we even need to make a move by the trade deadline…or would you feel confident enough taking this squad against any team in a seven game series?  Why give up ANYTHING if we already have the best team, and save that cap room to bring in a big name who wants to be a part of a back-to-back Cup run?

Think about it…