This Sucks: Weber Signs Offer Sheet With Flyers

As you’ve probably already heard, the Flyers signed noted head-basher Shea Weber to an offer sheet:

The Philadelphia Flyers and Nashville Predators star defenseman Shea Weber have agreed to a 14-year offer sheet “upwards of $100 million,” giving Nashville GM David Poile a week to match the contract terms. The news was first reported by TSN’s Darren Dreger.

Now it’s up to the Preds to match, which I think they’d be stupid not to.  Apparently the Wings were interested in trading Weber, but it never got to that: 

Dreger also reported that prior to Weber’s signing, the Red Wings, San Jose, the New York Rangers and Philadelphia were involved in trade talks with the Predators for the 6-foot-4, 232-pound defenseman.

Once again, someone else was a little more aggressive, ready to take a little more risk than Holland’s, it’ll come to me approach.  Why trade when you can potentially get the man for only draft picks.  

They may have landed one of the best defensemen in hockey without surrendering a single player from their roster via trade.

God, this is so freaking true.   There was so many ways for the Wings to do something with this, but they failed again.  

I’m trying to think of anything good that this does for the Wings, some way to spin this so that it isn’t horrible, but I can’t.   Weber’s either going to Philly or Nashville for 14 f’ing years while Holland was worried about signing Kyle Quincey.  

This sucks.