Want Parise? Me Too

Like all other Red Wings fans I’m just emerging from a bad dream turned reality that was being eliminated by Pekka Rinne and our own defensive lapses in the first round. Now that the pain and embarrassment has lessened slightly I feel its time to get back to business and start getting pumped for a long Wingless summer that will hopefully culminate into bigger, stronger, faster, scorier lineup that Ken Holland should bring us all.


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I’m not a downer, and I’m certainly not in the same camp as most when they say that this team just doesn’t have what it takes to compete anymore. I am however a realist. As much as I would love to see Holland go out and grab both Suter and Parise this July 1st, I just don’t see it happening. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter if they even make it to free agency are the only 2 sparkly shiny diamonds sitting atop this summers giant mound of coal that is the free agent market. There will undoubtedly be another team that can and will offer them much, much more than the Wings will be willing to offer.

I do expect the Wings to get bigger and nastier by trying to lure a big rugged 4th liner by the likes of Paul Gastaud, Jarret Stoll or Zenon Kanopka. They probably will try and add some scoring. They may take a chance on Semin. They may try and turn Penners career back on track (hopefully with a no pancake clause), or they may go after an unproven guy like PA Parenteau.

The Wings will be contenders, and with the right mix will go for cup 12 for the 22nd season in a row.

I just ask you all one thing come July 1st. Don’t get your hopes up for a major splash. If I’m wrong… I’ll eat that crow with hot sauce and a smile.