Two Mules

This entire post (excluding this little ditty and one more at the end) comes to you entirely from Josh Howard, head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department…

Today is a tale of two mules.  For those who didn’t read, I blew a gasket and complained about complaining the other night.  Here’s the link from Winging It:

It was after a hard fought loss to Phoenix.  Many people made great points about our Mule.  One night he’s hot, another he’s cold.  We all know this.  Most of us accept it.  I simply got tired of the same gripes over and over again (broken record!).  Perhaps he was that night’s “Sh*tBox” as TPL would say. 

Make the jump to see the goods.

I have been thinking a lot since that night.  But the past two games have led me to the realization that what I wrote was even truer.  When Mule takes the ice, we never know what we’re going to get.  Let’s just accept that he’s not our best player… BUT… he can be.  Ladies and Gents… I give you the quandary that is… TWO MULES FOR MIKE BABCOCK.  which one will show up tonight? Either way, I love this team… all of it.


BTW… Eaves is in there in the event that anyone has forgotten about him, Helm is in there to get some namesake love, and Z is in there because he scored a HUGE goal for himself last game when the Zetterhoff took over.  LGRW

(And Happy 1,000th Game, Holmer!)