2013 Winter Classic – Toronto / Detroit Confirmed

Per Pension Plan Puppets (via WIIM):

Bob McKenzie revealed tonight that the DET/TOR Winter Classic (and thus 24/7) is being finalized and will be officially announced in the near future.

Everything about this is incredible.  Toronto is the perfect opponent.  The last thing needed to make it perfect is to have it in the Big House, which is looking very likely at the moment.

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But even more incredible is the fact that the Wings will be on 24/7 next year.  Ever wanted to know a little more about Happy Hudler’s strange love affairs with the goaltenders?  Or wanted to try to translate Homer’s language?  Or see some more of Emma Andersson?  Or hear an unlimited amount of Babbles’ babbles? Or just learn more about the wonder that is Pavel and Nick?  Well now’s our chance.  Hopefully this gives Nick one more reason to stick around one more year.

I’ll do anything I can to be there.  I’m sure it’ll be expensive, but it’ll be worth it. 

How about you guys?  Is everyone as excited as me?  How much would you pay to see this next year?

Updated:  Here’s video of McKenzie. I’d say this is 98% sure from this.