Threatening to Kill The Classic

Remember when we were so excited for what was shaping up to be one of the greatest hockey events in the history of the sport? 

A time when more than 100,000 folks would gather at the Big House to watch two magestic teams skate in firece battle?

A chance to live and grow with our Wings and their daily activities on HBO's 24/7? 

Well that's about to be the next thng taken from us by Bettman and his dirty fingers.  Per the Detroit News:


Coming into these negotiations, the owners and Bettman had a variety of options for their strategy. They chose to repeatedly test the players' cohesiveness and their relationship with Fehr.

Their actions since last week — including denying requests by the union to continue negotiating, Bettman saying Wednesday a full schedule is likely doomed and reports that the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor could be canceled as soon as Friday, or by the first week of November — means that they are not done testing the players and Fehr.

When Bettman and the owners finally stop testing and start real negotiations, they will be within one week of a settlement. Unfortunately, we may lose another month — or the whole season — before arriving at that juncture.

Simply unbelievable, but that's only because we are rational people.  The vampires running the league are not.  

Makes me wonder why we ever started such a fan site in the first place.  With that said. 

Let's Go Griffs.