They Said He was Crazy. They Were Wrong.

In a three-way tie for the division lead…these are the games that we need to win.  With Chicago playing the last place Columbus Blue Jackets tonight – despite the BJ’s having a new bench boss – it is more than likely that our little brother will gain two points tonight.

I know that the season still has a long way to go…but the longer I see Detroit at the top of the Central Division…the better mood I’ll be in, especially living in Chicago.  The Islanders always seem to enjoy playing spoiler for the Wings.  So let’s hope our boys step up with that ‘skate to throat’ mentality and play a whole sixty minute game.

Don’t be surprised if the Isles get a penalty shot though…oh, who I am kidding – would anyone be surprised at this point?

Movie poster carnesseur, Josh decided to stick with the Will Ferrell theme for tonight’s movie poster.

Make the jump to see what he’s come up with.

In Josh’s own words:

Poor Nabby, if only you were wearing red and white right now.  Oh well… get him Franzen!

You may remember that Detroit tried to sign the veteran to a contract in the off-season, only to have him stolen away by Garth Snow…a stupid goalie plucking another stupid goalie off of waivers…you couldn’t make that kind of crap up.

Anyway, Nabokov threatened to boycott the signing but caved eventually.

Tonight, it’s payback time.

Lace up your Florsheim zipper boots and let’s do this for Captain Kirk’s nipples!