They Grow Up So Fast

Alright, so invoking the power of Semi Pro only worked for 40 minutes last night in Toronto.  Let’s hope that Josh has cooked up for tonight’s game will provide us with…

1. 60 minutes of Red Wings hockey
B. At least one powerplay goal
III. NO penalty shots against.

Why Blades of Steel? Why does the player at the blue line have the same dimensions as the goalie 64 feet away?!?

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Josh peered into his crystal ball and put Conklin on today’s poster.  Well, according to Khan(!) – the Wings are indeed whipping out their huge Conk.

That’s right, Ty Conklin will go for his first win since his first start back on October 8th.  Yeah, I would say three months since his last win would make him over due.  Jimmy will have to wait to try again for 100th win.  I personally like the fact that Jimmy is resting after a tough loss last night to Toronto…but dammnit, Ty – you need to show us something tonight, okay?  Please?

Let’s do this tonight, boys.  Game is on Versus NBC Sports Network which means we’re going to have to put up with “Edzo” and Mike Commodore’s favorite plug…but at least us transplants in Chicago don’t have to listen to their annoying play-by-play guy…I’ll take Doc Emerick any day of the week.


And Khan(!) got on Twitter…time to hop on the bus, NOHS Chris.