There Are No Clean Getaways

Who would have thought that St. Louis would be running away with the Central Division this year?

Who would have thought that Ryan Gosling would make a movie that’s watchable for guys?

Well both of those things happened.

St. Louis is playing for the #1 spot in the Western Conference.  Detroit is looking to take home ice in the first round.  The Wings have had luck in the past spoiling the President’s Trophy race for Divisional rivals…just ask Chicago.

It’s going to take some drive to get the two points tonight.

Make the jump for the poster.

From the mind of the head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department…Mr. Josh Howard:

We’re in the seat, the car is started, and there are 2 games left after tonight.  Nyquist is holding down the fort on Datsyuk’s wing.  Let’s go get a W and kick some ass in the process.