The Perfect Acquisition For The Wings

While I think Holland was successful with his first move at the deadline, I don’t think he hit the one position I think needed to be hit. 

Simply put, we need a tough, goal scoring, power forward to play in our top six. 

With the loss of Datsyuk for a few weeks, watching the team during last night’s game only made this need more apparent.  The Wings have a ton of guys who can dance around, keep the puck, make crisp passes and shoot well in their top six.  The only one who could even remotely be considered power forward is Franzen and that’s only if he decides to play hard.  Thankfully, Detroit is ripe with that style of play in their bottom six, as shown last night, but that’s not enough for the playoffs, in my opinion.

I have my mind on one additional forward who’d be a great fit for the Wings and not cost them an arm and a leg.

Hit the jump to find out who and why:

That man is former Red Wing, Mike Knuble. 

Now starting off, anyone can admit he’s having a rough year.  He’s got a pathetic twelve points on the season.  That’s terrible.  Knuble’s been scratched the past few games and is barely getting 10 minutes a game now. 

But just last year, he scored 24 goals.  The year before 29.  In fact, he’s scored at least 20 goals a season for the past 8 years.  That talent doesn’t simply disappear in one season.  For his scoring numbers to go down like they have this season, that means that his talents simply aren’t being used they way they should be. 

Knuble’s a pure goal scorer.  He has more career goals than assists, a feat that’s tough to match.  Match him with a Filppula or Datsyuk and he’ll be able to put the puck in.  

In addition, Knuble’s never been a pretty player.  He scores almost exclusively ugly goals and that’s great.  We don’t have enough of that now that Homer is a bottom line player. 

Finally, he’s a former DRW who grew up in Michigan, Kentwood to be exact.  And to top it off, his contract ends this season, leaving Detroit flexibility.  He is a leader and veteran who shined on 24/7 as the only rational voice in the Capital’s locker room. 

Now I know that Washington said that he won’t be traded, but something tells me that’s flexible when you have a player who clearly isn’t happy and the team is sitting him. 

He’s a perfect, low risk, high reward player who fits the exact mold of who the Wings usually go after.   Do it Kenny. 

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