The Dream is Real.

I’ve been missing…and so has Detroit Hockey lately.  And that’s not all – here are the words from the head of the NOHS Graphics Art Department:

Man, you know what I’ve missed most?  No, it’s not been the wins… although I do miss those too.  It’s been Jimmy.

I’ve missed our absolute All-Star of the season.  Jimmy, where have you gone?  Are you hurt or simply off your game?  Is this absence simply all in my mind?  One thing is for sure, until Jimmy comes back… we have 1 goal… GET HEALTHY FOR THE PLAYOFFS.

Ride the kick down to the fourth dream level.

Epic-ness.  Too bad this one was too late to be in the poster tournament…

More from Josh:

It’s coming quickly.  We need to work for the W’s in the upcoming games.  But, stay healthy, stay strong, and keep your mind in check.  Go get those Blue Jackets and put a smile on Jimmy’s face…. That means you too Conks.