That’s a Paddlin’

Not getting the the Fourth Seed?
That’s a paddlin’.

Losing to Chicago?
That’s a paddlin’.

Having Datsyuk get shown up by Patrick “Cabbie Slapping” Kane in the shootout?
That’s a paddlin’.

We have exactly two more nights until we all will pretty much be reduced to puddles of stress.  The play-offs are no longer upon us…they are here.  What’s done is done in the regular season.  A record-breaking season that ended in mediocrity with a fifth place seed.

Our Wings head into Music City for Game One on Wednesday and at least we can watch the game and still get some sleep (depending on the outcome).

Not making the jump? That’s a paddlin’.

winged_wheelNot showing up with that play-off jump FROM THE OPENING FACE-OFF on Wednesday?
That’s a paddlin’.

Not winning the Stanley Cup?
That’s a paddlin’.

Paddlin’ the school canoe?
Oh, you better believe that’s a paddlin’.

What else would you readers consider “a paddlin'” heading into Wednesday’s post-season action?  Let’s hear your gripes, your fears…I figure we might as well try and use a little humor and try to have some fun with the stress.

Let’s get it all out now shall we?