Suspension? I Predict No, Here’s Why

First off, I never feel morally, ethically, honourably or chivalrously clean when I wish a player from an opposing team be suspended, especially if no one was hurt. I’m a Red Wings fan and I let the league take care of its own business and know that my team will bring it no matter the circumstances. So when someone sticks a knee out on Kronner, hits White from behind along the boards or catches Stuart with an unnecessarily high hit to the head late I’m not calling for justice because I just want to move on.

That being said, in the playoffs I react differently. In the playoffs, I see this:

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And I say – By definition, that is a suspension. By the very NHL defined “message sending at the end of games [losses],” that is a suspendable play. And I find myself hoping for it.

Now see this:

And I say this – Though I respect Shea Weber (Bog I wish he were a Wing) that is a senseless play. And I’m thankful nobody was hurt, but I do find myself, once again in the playoffs, hoping there is a suspension. Just an absolutely uncalled for and dirty move. Not to mention they had the game won at that point. It’s a good think Henrik Zetterberg isn’t me, because I would have reacted with less composure and class than Z did there.

My expectation is that this won’t be suspended, much like the above highlight of Malkin (on the same player as Fate would have it), because the NHL has an agenda that doesn’t always follow its own “definitions.” I predict they drop the ball on this one and yet again fail to bring justice to boneheaded plays, but that’s just me. I’m typically pessimistic after losses. Curious as to what you lot think, and remember to try and leave your emotions out of it (it’s the Red Wings way).

Most importantly, LGRW.