Summer of ‘Meh’ So Far

clockwatchingAnyone else getting sick of going to for news and seeing “Market Should Start Heating Up” day after day after day after day?

Only thing more frustrating than waiting for Parise and Suter to make up their minds is the lack of the domino effect we were promised once they finally did.

So we didn’t get either big ticket Free Agent – at least they didn’t go to Pittsburgh or Chicago.  Because if they did? 

Suter playing Duncan Keith?  Parise with Kane and Toews?

How about Parise on a line with Malkin and Crosby?  Sounds bad…doesn’t it? 

Those teams would be instant Stanley Cup Favorites.  All Parise and Suter did was turn a bad team into a decent team.  But they got their money and they got to be together…which…for some reason…was important.

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So we found out that Lidstrom is going to stay on as a scout…make that the Perfect Scout.  Is that title already taken by Hakan Andersson?  Learn from him, Nick…find us another you.

That’s not really exciting news.

We also found out that Tom Renney will help Mike Babcock behind the bench.

That’s a bit more exciting news…I hope he knows how to run a power play.

And lastly – the Red Wings haven’t signed an NHL player to a contract in nine days.  We’re dying here.

Alex Semin
Shane Doan
Mike Knuble
Carlo Colaiacovo
Matt Gilroy
Pavel Kubina

There’s 30 decent players out there that could help us out.

Sign somebody…I’m just as restless as you all are.