Stunned: Weber Fined $2,500, Not Suspended

Fined $2,500.  No suspension.  

Wow.  I’m pissed.  Really, really pissed.  I don’t usually want to win because the other team has a player suspended, but this was one of the dirtiest plays I’ve seen in the sport of hockey, period.  I almost always side on a smaller suspension, and I don’t think he should have gotten 3+ games for it, but this deserved one game.  It was the definition of intent to injure one of Detroit’s best players and in no way does it relate to a hockey play, whatsoever.  

I’m too pissed to continue, so here’s Winging It In Motown’s take on it:

It was mentioned that the lack of any injury to Zetterberg played a large part in the decision, which is stupid on its face since it should be about the act itself, not the consequences. If I intend to push someone into oncoming traffic and they somehow manage to catch themselves before getting splattered by a bus, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything wrong. The act of fining Weber means the NHL is saying that he did something that required discipline beyond the minor penalty he received at the end of the game. By refusing to suspend him for a clearly intentional blow to the head (the force of which can be debated), the NHL is once again saying they are only interested in paying lip-service to head shots and concussions and actually don’t give a rat’s ass about player safety.

Think of it this way, Weber was just fined the same amount that every player on Detroit is taxed for playing a game in Nashville with Tennessee’s Jock Tax. The tax charges players $2,500 for each game played in Tennessee with a maximum charge of $7,500. 

Hit the jump for some more hypocrisy by the NHL:

A wild player was suspended two games for an accidential high stick earlier this season.  This is total horsesh!t and even fans in Nashville know it.  Sully called it last night in his post and that sucks. 

F’ck it.  It’s on now.  Get ’em Suh.

EditedHit this link to see a near unanimous reaction of outrage from the media regarding this suspension.   Highlights include:

Helene Elliott – Just when you think the NHL might be getting a clue, Weber gets fined but not suspended for atrocious shots to head of Zetterberg. Terrible.

Larry Brooks – Message from the NHL: You can drive a player’s head into the glass but you can’t curse in a post-game press conference.

Michael Russo – ummm think if Sidney Crosby got his head smashed only 2500