Stay Classy Mike Commodore: A Tribute to Commie22

Our favorite Tweeter is gone from Detroit and headed down south to hang with Yzerman.  And because of that, I’m sad.  I liked Commodore.  He said all the right things the entire time.  And through the entire time, he kept us entertained too.  

So I decided to look back at some of the highlights of his brief stay in D-town, on and off the ice.  

Hit the jump for a full tribute to #22 in our program, but #64 in our hearts

Early on in his stay, he quickly showed his respect for the talent on Detroit.  

Puck Daddy is doing a feature right now one of the questions is “players you love to hate”. Any1 you hate playing against?

@commie22: Pavel Datsyuk. Would dangle me and run me over. I can handle one or the other…not both from same guy. #notfair
So true, it isn’t fair.  Those hash tags always make me chuckle, I gotta admit.  Later on in the year, he shared his mockery of Pierre McGuire with us with a little contest: 

During warmups tonight I saw 1 of the BEST signs I have ever seen at any sporting event. I usually try not to look…but it was #priceless.

@commie22: Somebody must have a pic of it. I don’t want to ruin it…I would love to just post a pic.

@commie22: It was on the penalty box side of the ice…right at the blueline…right on the glass…big black bold letters.

@commie22: I will make a game of it. First one to tweet me what the sign said will get a signed jersey. To make it worth something it’ll be

@commie22: We have a #Winner RT @RobbieThornburg@commie22 It was “Pierre Mcguire is a plug”. Game was on versus tonight too so I got a kick out of it

He also entertained us by kidding with fellow new Wing, Cory Emmerton, every chance he could get: 

Commie22: Just ran into @cemmer48 at a breakfast spot in birmingham…he’s pissed off there’s no coloring place mats..#notcomingback 

Commie22: Looks like  had a nice little break in the sun. Told me he had a great time playing with his toys in the kiddie pool in Bahamas. 

Commie22: @cemmer48 traced his hands! #righthand #lefthand

And finally, he never was against making a little fun of himself either:  

Commie22: Ha. #embarrasing RT @washburn_41: #RedWings fired 50 shots on goal tonight, @commie22 was the only player without one. #YourTimeWillCome

Commie22: I thought I hit the net with one in the first…guess not. Handling the puck like its a hand grenade right now.

Commie22:  hahaha…I just rolled a #turkey RT @gamb91@commie22 playing in 3 straight games??? Whats this world coming to? 

So like I said, he entertained off the ice, but he gave it his all on the ice, even though he didn’t play much. 


Notice a trend?  Awesome stuff and it will be missed.  

So here’s to you Mike Commodore.  You came and we laughed.  And now you’re gone, staying classy in your departure.   Here was his going away message to Detroit:

Thanks for all the tweet folks. I appreciate it. Unexpected busy day. Although my time in the D was short I really did have a great time. I really enjoyed the city of Detroit, and met a lot of great people around town. I really can’t say enough about the players in that locker room. Great guys and a lot of great people in the organization that I will miss. I wish then nothing but the best. But its time to move on. Super excited to get to Tampa and get things rolling in the state of Florida. What’s that line from #Slapshot?

I think it was “Here’s to all that geogeous snatch in FLA.” Mike. (Thanks Twig.)  Good luck sir, it’s too bad that you weren’t going to stay along for the ride.  But still, we wish you nothing but the best. 

And always, stay single my friend.