Special Guest Coach at WC

The Winter Classic is at least a small portion of why some of us are so restless in this dismal off-season.


We thought that it might have been a big enough carrot to keep Nick Lidstrom around for another year.  Aside from a clinching game in the Stanley Cup Final – is there a bigger stage to play on in the NHL season?  I think not.  The whole hockey world will be watching on January 1st…and yes, even some of those “fringe fans” that Gary Bettman is so set on attaining.

I was at the last Winter Classic that Detroit participated in.  The framed collection of photos, articles, and tickets hangs above me as I type this – a present from my father who joined me that day.  Hell, I even have the Winter Classic “D” forever etched in ink on my right shoulder…the Winter Classic is magical.

And we want to win…bad.

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Losing to the Toronto Maple Leafs on the biggest stage of the regular season is just not acceptable.  It would be embarrassing.  The Leafs haven’t even made the play-offs in the lowly Eastern Conference since 2003-2004.  The rivalry between players may be dead – but the fans have kept that fire burning.  The Winter Classic selling tool has proved completely futile in the Free Agent market this summer…though we did bring back someone who scored in the 2009 WC.

And here’s a bit of news – according to Khan(!) – Scotty Bowman will be making the trip from Chicago to Detroit to be a coach in at least one of the Detroit/Toronto Alumni Games.  I haven’t seen Scotty since I kind of talked sh*t to him in the (always) long lines for the Men’s Room at Joe Louis Arena.  There was only one dude in between us in line and I never even noticed him until someone spoke up.

Random Guy: Hey! That’s Scotty Bowman!
Scotty: *says nothing, turns around and smiles*
Random Guy: What are you doing in THIS line?  Shouldn’t you be up in one of those suites?
Me: He doesn’t work here anymore.  He’s a Blackhawk now.
Scotty: *says nothing, doesn’t turn around, shakes head*

Not the best story…or the best smack talking (considering all he did for our franchise)…but I think we were losing at that point in the game, I had at least one Molson Triple X running through me, and I it was truly the first thing that popped into my head.

Speaking of libations and hockey talk…has there been much chatter about New Years Eve and Red Wing get together?  I know at least Sully and I are will be in Detroit for the WC and New Years eve with some Alumni action and Hockeytown Cafe or my favorite – The Old Shillelagh might be in order.

What say you, NOHS readers?