Wish We Still Had This Guy – Plus Twitter Update

You know who I wish we had for tonight’s game?  A big tough lug who would give it all for his team and make sure to enact a little revenge if he could, all while playing solid, albeit forgettable defense.

I have a perfect guy in mind.

I know you do too.

That’s a damn shame isn’t it?

. . .

On to happier things.   Remember this post?  Yeah, where I said I would finally acquiesce to the pressures of my fellow bloggers and join Twitter if our Facebook page hit 700 likes by the playoffs (we had like 600 at the most at the beginning of March)?

Well…the results after the break:

Well low and behold you son-of-guns did it. Though it went up right to the wire, for a while I thought I was going to stay free of tweeting in my life.  But on April 6th, we pulled out 700 likes and are up to 708 now.

So here I am, on Twitter.   @stupidgoalie on the suggestion of Twig.   Hit me up if you’d like.  I’m warning you, I’m terrible at things like this (ask anyone who texts me…) but I’m going to give it a full go.

I’m at the moment trying to figure out how this thing works and who I should follow.  I’m open to suggestions. 

#chrisisontwitter.  @stupidgoalie

Other members of our crew on Twitter are:

Drew: @helmstnightmare
Twig: @Twig81
Jordan: @Jordan_Reis