Soldier On


My morning started alright, I guess.  I checked the scores to see that Chicago and St. Louis both dropped their games in overtime.  How many Chicago fans do you think asked someone out loud “we still get a point for that, right?”

The Bitter Blues fell to seventh seed San Jose last night in double overtime.  The F-bombs dropped over at St. Louis Game Time?  272.  There were over three hundred dropped in the final meeting between St. Louis and Detroit…proving that they hate Detroit more than they hate losing in the play-offs.

I made sure to tune into the ‘NHL Hour with Commissioner Bettman’ yesterday on NHL Home Ice.  I wanted to hear what he had to say to the plethora of calls he was sure to get.

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Not to my surprise, Gary made sure that he had more than one ‘special guest’ calling into the show to eat up air time.  I remember in 2009 when I called into the show to ask about Malkin jumping Zetterberg at the end of Game Two of the Finals.  The switch board guy said I was next, instead Gary jumped into a chat with the president of NBC…or some crap, I don’t remember.

An interesting little tidbit that I heard from out glorious leader was that he thought that Weber pushing Zetterberg’s head into the glass was “not that forceful” and if Weber had landed the initial punch that simply grazed the back of Zetterberg’s head…that the punishment may have been more sincere.

So we emphasize an “intent to blow” rule, but not an “intent to injure”.  Let’s see Weber slam Bettman’s head into the glass and see how “forceful” Gary thinks that it is.  By the way – Zetterberg’s helmet was cracked in three places…but you know…it wasn’t that bad.

Anyway – on to some real Red Wings news.  Dan Cleary has been cleared to play in Game Two tonight.  Cleary, as most of us know, has been playing one bad knee for a good chunk of the season and will undergo surgery in the post-season (which is NOT close-by).

“I’ve got bone-on-bone rubbing, which is causing a lot of swelling, a lot of fluid, that’s why I get the Baker’s cysts in the back that get drained every 10 days. There are a few things going on.” –Dan Cleary

cleary12That quote coming to us from the Macomb Daily.  I know that some of you would have rather seen Gustav Nyquist in the lineup in lue of an injured Newfie – but Cleary looked pretty solid in Game One…and with Helm out, I’m guessing “Goose” will be getting the call.

Tonight, I’m sure will see the Wings focus most of their energy on beating Pekka Rinne rather than trying to avenge Henrik Zetterberg.  One wise A2Y reader yesterday noted that Shea Weber is lucky he is playing Detroit, as less classy teams might take measures to ensure that he doesn’t see Game Three.

Does Weber take liberties knowing that Detroit doesn’t really have anyone to send after him?  It’s possible.  And now he knows that he has the League in his corner as well.  I can only hope that Trotz tells him to watch his rear and he might play a smidge less agressive…but that’s probably a fool’s hope.

I hope Abdelkader stayed up late last night watching the Kimbo Slice / Seth Petruzelli Fight.

Just sayin’.