So Why Don’t You Slide?

So the snow has been falling here in the Windy City…you know what else has been falling on a regular basis?  The Chicago Blackhawks.

Going to bed knowing that the Wings are within one game of having the BEST HOME STREAK EVER in the modern era, was made only slightly sweeter by waking up to this one the front page of…


Awww…brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?  I remember a time not too long ago when the natives around here in Chicago were getting a little uppity about the race we found ourselves in the Central Division.  That line went dead about a week or so ago.

Click for more schadenfreude and a look at the standings…

That three dog race we were just a short while ago…yeah…that’s a thing of the past, my friends:

Those pesky St. Louis Blues are still within striking distance with three games in-hand and have matched our record over the past 10 games…but Chicago is sinking like a stone.  I mean, they’ve been Columbus bad over the past 10 games.

We’ve played more games that anyone in the Western Conference – but as long as we keep WINNING those games…it really doesn’t matter how much the competition has in-hand on us.  How would you feel playing a seven game series against ANYONE right now knowing that four of those seven games come at the Joe?

One last little anecdote:

I was at a business function dinner around Christmas time when one of the gentlemen I work with was giving me crap about how Chicago was ahead of Detroit in the standings.  “How’s it feel looking up OUR skirts?” he said to me with a smile.  I saw that same gentlemen on Tuesday of this week.  I walked up to him and smiled…without provocation, he looked down at his feet and said, “yeah, you won’t hear any ‘skirt’ talk from me today”.

How sweet it is…