Sabres vs Red Wings Recap 1.16.2012


This one was over before the second period started. Luckily, the Red Wings stayed focused and didn’t pick up a bunch of bad habits. A full 60 minute game. Good to see.

Honestly didn’t see a Red Wings worth complaining about tonight other than Kindl. He was lost a couple times when Buffalo had pressure and his penalty on the power play was simply lazy. Didn’t cost the team, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Commie out there tomorrow night.

Ericsson has been steady lately. Some people disagree and will point out a mistake here or there, but he has improved and is no longer the liability he was early in the season. Hopefully he keeps that up.

ryan_miller_pissedThis stick is now in a bajillion pieces.

Ryan Miller had a terrible night. Who cares, you ask? Well, I pull for every Michigan native as long as it doesn’t hurt the Wings’ standings, so I hate to see him having such a terrible time. Then again, Hank needed that goal. And so did Helm. And Nick. And Mule. And Bert. So, okay.

Pavel picked up his 700th career point with 3 great assists. The way he can pick a guys pocket and make a pass before the skater even knows the puck is gone is just so great to watch. That’s why you see the phrase “I hate Pavel Datsyuk. Wish he was on my team” so often.

From what I saw on twitter, people were booing Leino. Is that true? And if you were in on the booing, why? Not to flame you, just honestly curios. He signed a contract with Detroit, didn’t meet expectations, was traded and moved on. So why boo him? I got a job at D&W once when I was younger and didn’t meet their expectations, yet when I stopped by last summer to buy some pop, no one booed me.

NOHS 3 Stars of the Game:

First Star: Pavel Datsyuk: He was himself tonight, which will usually get him on anyone’s 3 star list.

Second Star: Drew Miller: Great pass to Helm for the goal that chased his brother. Mick said he saw Drew say something to Ryan as he left the ice. Not sure what it was, but I doubt it was nasty.

Third Star: James Howard: I don’t know jack about goaliE positioning and rebound controL, but whatever IT is, Howard is doing it wEll.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: Pavel’s interview. I really don’t know what he said, but I laughed throughout the whole thing.

Next game is tomorrow against Dallas. The game is in Dallas, so the puck won’t drop until 8:30 EST. By the way, you all are going to love Josh’s movie poster for tomorrow’s game. I’m still laughing.