Ryan Suter – Not Worth The Hype

The same two guys have been on our mind for the past few months. Ryan Suter and Zach Parise.  Suter and Parise.   These are the golden tickets this summer. If we don’t get at least one of those two, puppies will be kicked.   Kittens thrown.  And turtles flipped.  Kenny, think of the turtles.

Now, you don’t have to convince me on Parise.   Not only has he lead his team to the Cup final, he’s also a multiple 40 goal scorer and is the definition of clutch (ask Canada). He’s a rich man’s Jonathan Toews.  I see shades of Yzerman in him; you know, the kind of leader that Detroit loves.

Plus, I’ve hit on his girlfriend. True story.

Anyways, Parise, yes.  But Suter?   Well, color me not convinced.   I think there’s a serious chance someone is going to horribly overpay for him and I hope it’s not Detroit.

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Now, admittedly, I’ve not studied the guy.  But whenever I’ve watched Suter play, I’ve seen a great #2 defenseman, not the great #1 guy that everyone talks about.

Against Detroit, Shea Weber absolutely dominated.  He Prongered the Wings by scoring killer goals, hitting everyone in sight, and literally bullying the Wings the entire round.   It’s the first defenseman since, well, Pronger that I thought outplayed Lidstrom in a matchup.  Maybe the only other one, ever.

But Suter?  Barely noticed him.  He appeared to be to Weber as Robin was to Batman.  Or put another way, he was Lidstrom’s Rafalski.  Sure, he didn’t play horribly, but sure didn’t look like a gamechanger.   More of a tag-along.

His stat sheet for the series against Detroit backed up my feelings; he finished with 5 GP, 0 G, 0 A, 0 Pts, 2 PIM, 0 +/-.   Not exactly impressive.  His career numbers, while good, also aren’t that impressive.

He averages in high 30s, lower 40s, points per season.    That’s slightly better than Ian White, but not even close to Rafalski levels.

He’s not a hitter either.  He only put up 46 official hits this past season.   For comparison, Weber put up 177 hits.   Mike Fisher put up 116.  Ian White put up 49.  Point made.

So what exactly is so special about Suter?  I’m not sure.  I’m even more worried that his decent point totals are a result of playing with Weber, similar to how Lidstrom made Rafalski almost hit 60 points multiple times.  Without Weber is he a 25 point guy? 

Parise is worth the asking price and maybe more.  Suter? No. 

Maybe I’m missing something.  Others think so.  I hope so, because I don’t want Detroit to get caught up in the hype and pay superstar prices for what certainly appears to be a #2 defenseman to both my eye and the stat sheet.  

Still, in Kenny we trust.